Anatomy & Physiology

Complex and Resilient: The Human Body

Anatomy & Physiology for Health Practitioners

Tier 2, Term 5 of the Holistic Nutritionist Advanced Program (*terms 1-4 fall under the Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach Tier 1 section)

Enhance your nutrition studies by understanding body systems.

You will learn about the resilient, remarkably complex, and endlessly fascinating structure you live in: the human body.

This course places a uniquely balanced emphasis on anatomy, physiology and how the body’s structures function to maintain homeostasis.

This course is a combination of video, PDF slide shows, and interactive online animations to make learning easy and fun!

After completing each individual nutrition course in the Holistic Nutritionist Program, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Once you complete all required courses in a program, you will receive a professional, officially stamped diploma in the mail listing your designation.

anatomy and physiology course for practitioners

  • Tier 2, Term 1 Hours: 300
  • Credits:  30

Understanding the Human Body is Critical to your Practice

The human body is extraordinary.  It is made up of countless intricate functions and systems that work synergistically to keep you healthy.   Did you know…a person will die from the total absence of sleep sooner than from starvation?  Death will occur about 10 days without sleep, while starvation can take 4-5 weeks.  Or how about the fact that it takes 17 muscles to smile, but a whopping 43 to frown?   

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Course Details

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of the structure and main function of the body systems, major levels of organization in the human organism from the chemical and cellular levels to the tissues, organs and organ systems.

Duration of Term 5:

This course should be completed within two months based on 7-10 hours per week of study time, but you may complete it sooner if you have more time available for learning.

Included in Tuition:

Partial learning materials, study guides, and reference materials

  • Interactive online animations
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Testing and exams
  • Full student support
  • Student account & access to Online Learning Portal
  • Online forums & live chat rooms to connect with other students
  • Certificate upon graduation


You must complete a lesson test after each lesson, and a proctored final exam upon completion of the course. Students must score 80% or higher to pass the course.


  • Is This Course For Me?
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  • Certification
  • FAQs
  • This is a required term for the Holistic Nutritionist Certification and is also strongly recommended as an add-on to the Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification Program. Understanding how the body works is critical to all nutrition and health practitioners.    It can also be taken as a stand-alone term for general interest.

  • The following courses are part of the Tier 2 Advanced Holistic Nutritionist program

  • Upon completion of term 5, you can download and print a certificate of completion through your student account.  Upon completion of all the required academic terms in the Holistic Nutritionist program, you will receive an official designation and beautifully stamped diploma in the mail.   Grads of the full program qualify for registration status and professional membership and liability insurance through various organizations including CAIN, NANP and CEBHC.

  • How long is term 5?

    You have up to 4 months to complete the anatomy & physiology.

    Can I enroll in this term 5 on it's own or do I have to enrol in the full program?

    Yes, you are welcome to enroll in term 5 without enrolling in the full program.

In Term 5 You will Learn

Breakdown By Topic:

  • The Integumentary System
  • The Skeletal, Muscular, and nervous system
  • The Nervous System – autonomic, enteric
  • The Endocrine, Lymphatic and Respiratory System
  • The Cardiovascular System – Blood, Heart, and Vessels
  • The Digestive, Excretory and Urinary System
  • The Male and Female Reproductive System



large Human body systems



Method of Curriculum Delivery:

Upon registration, you will receive a user id and password to your student account on our Online Learning Portal.   Your student account is mobile responsive allowing you to study on the go from anywhere in the world!

  • Supportive learning materials for this course are in your account ready for viewing online or to download
  • All testing is conveniently submitted online
  • You have access to a global community of classmates via the online forums and live chat rooms

You can learn more about what to expect from online learning in our Prospective Students resource area.

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You can take the term 5 individually, or as part of a program and have the following options to choose from depending on how in-depth you want your training to go.

  • Individual Term Enrolment

    Single term

    • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Full Program Enrollment

    Tier 1 + 2 Advanced Certified Holistic Nutritionist Diploma Program

    The tuition package includes all of the following:

    • Tier 1 Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach Program (term 1-4)
    • Tier 2 Advanced Holistic Nutritionist Program (term 5-7)
    • Business Blueprint



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