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Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist

CE specialization course & additional certification

The Sport and Fitness Nutrition course arms students with the information needed to help guide the physically active client towards optimalal performance. Nutrient deficiencies can seriously impair performance where certain nutrients can help delay fatigue and improve performance.

When it comes to exercise, what you eat is as important as when you eat. Upon completion of this course, students will have a solid understanding of the role nutrition plays in relation to health, sport and exercise and how to nourish the body to achieve optimum performance, health and longevity.

The individual Sports & Fitness Nutrition course is recognized internationally by the Health Coach Alliance (HCA) and CAIN as a CE credit course.  When taken in conjunction with the Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach program you will be eligible for the Sports Nutrition Specialist designation in addition to the Registered Health & Nutrition Counsellor (RHNC™) and Registered Health Coach (RHC™) designations through HCA.

The Sport & Fitness Nutrition course can be purchased individually upon completion of any of our programs or as part of a tuition package.  Enrolment options are available further down this page.

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  • Individual Course Hours: 120
  • Program Hours: 1150
  • Credits: 35

Essential for Performance and Longevity

This program provides you with the perfect combination of holistic health and sports/fitness nutrition knowledge.  From preventing disease, reducing inflammation, and supporting recovery to disease prevention, supplements, and meal timing, we have you covered.    You will graduate this course empowered with the most up to date information for for personal health and for professional application.

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Course Details


This holistic based online sports & fitness nutrition certificate program is perfect for personal trainers, yoga instructors, coaches, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone who has an interest in fuelling for exercise and sport. The program is a mix of holistic teachings and sound science to give you a one of its kind sports and fitness holistic certification.  Upon completion, you will qualify for the RHC™ and the RHNC™ designations through the Health Coach Alliance.  You will also qualify for liability insurance to cover your practice.   

Graduates of the Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach program or the Holistic Nutritionist program can enrol in this course independently to earn the Sports Nutrition Specialist designation.

The program is comprised of the following courses: 

*Click the links below to visit the individual courses in this program.

Fundamentals of Integrative Nutrition

Principles of Holistic Health & Nutritional Medicine

Nutrition Sciences

Meal Planning & Coaching Skills

Business Blueprint

Sports & Fitness Nutrition 

** This is a great option for students who do not want or require the full Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification. If at later date, you decide to work towards the Nutrition Coach Program, all three courses are applied towards the program leaving you with only two courses to take in order to earn the Holistic Nutrition & Health coach designation.


Duration of Program:

Students have a maximum of 9 months to complete the program based on 7-10 hours per week of study time but may complete sooner if you have more time available for learning.

Included in Tuition:

Learning materials, study guides, and reference materials

Testing and exams

Full student support

Student account & access to Online Learning Portal

Online forums & live chat rooms to connect with other students

Certification upon graduation

** Three books are required in addition to the included learning materials;  one book is for the Nutrition Sciences course and the other book is for the Sports Nutrition course.   Please note that this is a program, and each course must be taken in a very specific order.  


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  • This is a great option for students who do not want or require the full Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification. It is a popular program among fitness enthusiasts and professionals, personal trainers, kinesiologists, coaches, and athletes.

    The individual Sports & Fitness Nutrition course can be taken as part of our Holistic based Sports & Fitness Nutrition Certification and is also a CE add-on for the NutraPhoria School of Holistic Nutrition Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach graduates who would like to add a Sports Nutrition specialization to their Holistic Nutrition Coach designation.

  • Fundamentals of Integrative Nutrition   Learn more…

    Nutrition Sciences & Applications    Learn More….

    Nutrition Business Blueprint    Learn More…

  • Upon graduating from the Sports Nutrition Specialist program you will receive a  diploma in the mail and will be qualified to use the Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist designatition and you will also qualify for registration status and professional membership through the Canadian Association for Integrative Nutrition and/or the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners.

  • How long is the individual course?

    The average completion is 4-6 months. We allow for up to 9 months for completion. The time frames are based on roughly 7-10 hours of study per week.

    What courses are included in the Sports Nutrition Specialist program?

    Three. 1) Fundamentals of Integrative Nutrition 2) Principles of Holistic Health & Nutritional Medicine 3) Nutrition Sciences 4) Meal Planning & Coaching Skills 5) Sports & Fitness Nutrition

    You also receive the Business Blueprint course at no additional cost.

    How much is the tuition for this program?

    The Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist program is $2846. The individual Sports & Fitness Nutrition course when enrolled in on its own after completing one of our programs is $699.

    Is there tax on the tuition?

    As a recognized educational institution in Canada, we are tax-exempt which means you pay no tax on the tuition.

Topics Covered

Below are the topics pertaining to the sports nutrition section of the program.  To learn more about what is covered in the other courses in this certification, click on the related courses tab in the information box above.

  • Meals that support recovery & signs of nutrient deficiencies
  • Electrolytes and fluid for recovery and maintaining the optimal balance
  • Carbohydrate quantities and types best suited for physical activity
  • Temperature regulation, and signs of electrolyte/hydration deficiencies
  • Timing of pre, during, and post-event/sport/activity meals
  • Foods to avoid prior to activity, and energy sources to replenish ATP
  • Healthy weight loss or gain for the athlete
  • Protein requirements for sport and exercise
  • Research on nutritional support and ergogenic aids for athletic performance
  • Bodyweight composition, ideal body weight for an active adult
  • Fat metabolism, protein metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Carbohydrate loading – when and why to do it
  • Metabolism function and supporting optimal digestion during events and sports
  • Understanding human energy systems – The ATP-PCr System The Glycolytic System The Oxidative System
  • Dehydration, hypernatremia, and hyponatremia

And more!

You will graduate this program with a solid understanding of holistic health and healing in addition to how a proper nutrition regimen can increase the effectiveness of your client’s fitness and overall health goals resulting in more lean mass, less body fat, & greater energy levels.

Method of Program Delivery:

All of our courses and programs are 100% online delivered via our user-friendly Online Learning Portal.  Your student account is mobile responsive allowing you to study on the go from anywhere in the world!

Upon registration, you will receive a user id and password to your account where you will access your learning materials.

  • Included course materials are in your account ready for viewing online or to download
  • All testing is conveniently submitted online
  • You have access to a global community of classmates via the online forums and live chat rooms

You can learn more about what to expect from online learning in our Prospective Students resource area.

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Customize your educational experience!

You have the following options to choose from depending on how in-depth you want your training to go, and how you plan on using what you learn.

  • Single Course Enrollment


    Sports & Fitness Nutrition

    • individual course

    When taken alone, this course only provides a certificate of completion.  When taken in conjunction with the courses within the Tier 1 Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach program, you will be eligible to use the Sports Nutrition Specialist designation.

  • Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist Program

    This full program package includes:

    Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Program

    • Fundamentals of Integrative Nutrition
    • Principals of Holistic Health & Nutritional Medicine
    • Nutrition Sciences
    • Coaching & Meal Planning Essentials
    • Sports & Fitness Nutrition

    Plus:  Bonus Business Blueprint Course ($999 value)


    Click on the "register now" button below to view payment plan options

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Our students come from many different backgrounds from all over the world. We have some students taking the program for general interest, and some taking the program to complement current professions. Others are on a mission to create the brand new career they have always dreamed of.

In addition to the Sports Nutrition Specialist certification, we have options for everyone from a variety of individual health and wellness courses to Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist diploma programs. 

If you would like to speak with someone to help you navigate your options, feel free to contact admissions via our contact page.  We also have a page dedicated to helping you with your research and decision making.   Click HERE to visit the PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS page where you will find a ton of great information and a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Accreditation & Affiliations

Holistic Nutrition Coach Option

OPTION #3:  HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST SPECIALIZING IN SPORTS NUTRITION.  Did you know you can take the Holistic Nutritionist Specialization Package and choose Sports Nutrition as the specialization course?   This higher designation program combination allows you to join the Canadian Association for Integrative Nutrition, or the NANP while also qualifying for registration status and liability insurance. 

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