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Courtney Lando NutraPhoria Testimonial

Courntey Lando 

“Taking the Holistic Nutrition Coaching Program was a very good decision on my part! I learnt so much about nutrition and meal planning for myself, my family and my clients.  

Having a background in Kinesiology, I was working with clients to teach them how to become physically fit.  Now I can teach them about proper nutrition as well which is enabling me to be a better, well-rounded health coach.  

I felt the program was comprehensive and interesting.  I am now able to apply my knowledge in both the workforce and my every day life.”


LIZ NACCARATO NutraPhoria Testimonial

Liz Naccarato

“I decided to go through NutraPhoria School of Holistic Nutrition based on recommendation. I wanted a program where I could work at my own pace in order to complete the program in under a year. Through hard work and dedication it is possible to complete anything at your own pace. I had so many questions and at any point when I called I spoke to Lynnel. She was awesome, every questions I had she had an answer to. As I was unsure which direction I wanted to go through (Sports or Holistic) she helped me decide based on my Business’s needs.

As someone who is involved in eating clean and healthy on a regular basis, I knew teaching others how to do was my passion. In a world that is so fast and so quick we sometimes forget the importance of nutrition. It is our jobs as educators to help others understand the importance. I am about half way through the program and I am loving it. The way the program is set up makes it easy to learn, read and complete the quiz’s. It’s important when working on any distance course to set a pace for yourself as well a deadline of competition.

The information and help offered through the student services website is fantastic. Very well thought out and easy to access. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who is in the Health and Fitness industry or who is looking into nutritional coaching.”

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Melissa Weatherall Nutrition Coach

Melissa Weatherall

“I found this course to be so enlightening!  It opened up my eyes to so much!  It solidified my feelings that my holistic lifestyle goals were exactly what I believe in.  Realizing that every aspect of what we do, say and fuel our body with is either helping us or hindering us.

I am super excited to have graduated Tier 1 and am beyond proud to be CHNC.”

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Megan Caplan NutraPhoria

Megan Caplan

“I was so worried that with my busy schedule I would never be able to finish the holistic nutrition coach program. But, I finally did! The great thing about Nutraphoria is the support from student services and that you can do it at your own time. I really enjoyed this program and i’m so excited to begin my practice. Thank you NutraPhoria!”

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Jessilyn McCash RN, RYT, HNC

“I have had the pleasure over the last 6 months to have taken the Nutrition Health Coaching course here at NutraPhoria. After 12 years working as an RN and helping people deal with their health issues, I began to realize how important nutrition is in all aspects of a persons individual health and wellness. The more I researched, the more I knew I had to find a course that would support my new found passion of nutrition coupled with a healthy lifestyle and NutraPhoria has been a perfect fit.

The course is not only affordable, but allowed me to work at my own pace to complete the course to fit my schedule. Having 2 small children, and working full time, I was able to study and write my tests and exam based on my timelines, which was very important to me.

The content gave me a great base of knowledge that allows me to feel comfortable and confident when having to deal with clients (or in my case, patients).

The support given by NutraPhoria is also tremendous. Kayla has been extremely helpful and timely when it came to responding to any of my questions via email.

Now that I have completed the course, I feel fully equipped to start my own business, and help educate others on proper nutrition and lifestyle choices. Thank you NutraPhoria for letting me follow my passion and giving me the tools to make my dreams come true. :)”


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Christine Rosa NutraPhoria

Christine Rosa

“The course did a great job summarizing all the basic information one would need to begin their understanding of nutrition and how to apply it. Very comprehensible and easy to read. It gave me a great review of information I had previously learned and taught me a great deal of new and useful information (ex. superfoods, the benefits of each vitamin, now deceptive food labels can be, etc.)”


Andrea Saliba NutraPhoria Testimonial

Andrea Saliba

“My name is Andrea Saliba and I am a NutraPhoria graduate.  As a busy Mom of 3 children, I appreciated the fact that I was able to study Holistic Nutrition from the comfort of my very own home. Anytime I needed assistance, the staff were right there to help me and explain anything I needed help with.

I feel fortunate to have found such a flexible and very educational online program.

Within 1 year, I had completed the course and am currently assisting clients towards leading a healthier lifestyle through proper diet and exercise.
I absolutely love being a Nutrition Coach and am constantly learning. I plan to return to NutraPhoria to complete 6 more months towards becoming a Nutritionist. I can’t wait!

Find me on Instagram and all my healthy nourishing recipes on my website.”

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Darlene Schowalter NutraPhoria

Darlene Schowalter

“I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience with NutraPhoria. This program provided me with the wealth and knowledge that I can apply to my life , as well as, to the education of others with their well-being.  It was also  wonderful to be able to study the Holistic Nutrition  program in the comfort of my own home. “I Now see the vision of what I feel I am meant to do and how to serve others!”

I would like to give special thanks to Student Services (Staff). Hailey was very helpful and always responded to my concerns and questions.  Nothing is impossible in the field of Nutrition!”


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