Nutritional Symptomatology & Pathophysiology

Nutritional Strategies for a Healthy Life

Nutritional Symptomatology & Pathophysiology

Tier 2, Term 6 of the Advanced Holistic Nutritionist Program

Recognizing symptoms in relation to health issues is an invaluable key in defining specific nutritional deficiencies.

Nutritional symptomatology is the process of interpreting bodily symptoms to find underlying causes and nutritional imbalances. You will learn how to identify and address nutritional imbalances, digestive problems and improve overall health.

You will also explore the physiological processes of various conditions involving the cardiovascular and metabolic systems and their relationship to diet and nutrition.


After completing each individual nutrition course in the Holistic Nutritionist Program, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Once you complete all required courses in a program, you will receive a officially stamped diploma in the mail listing your designation.

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  • Course Hours:  300
  • Credits:  40

Are You Listening?

Your body is constantly sending you messages.  It speaks to you in symptoms.  

Symptomatology:  A clinical assessment of nutritional and biological imbalances in the body.

Pathophysiology:  The disordered physiological processes associated with disease or injury.

In this enlightening course, you will discover the intricate link between feelings, thoughts and your body, and how nutrient deficiencies can affect your physical health.

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Course Details

By the end of this informative term, you will have a solid understanding of how to improve your life and help others through a targeted body systems approach that includes a positive mental outlook, a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, and supplements when required.   The main focus of term 6 is learning about the options for treating disease with a variety of non-toxic natural therapies.

Term 6 Duration:

The Symptomatology & Pathophysiology term should be completed within four months based on 7-10 hours per week of study time, but you may complete sooner if you have more time available for learning.

Included in Tuition:

    • Partial learning materials, study guides, and reference materials
    • Testing and exams
    • Full student support
    • Student account & access to Online Learning Portal
    • Online forums & live chat rooms to connect with other students
    • Certificate upon graduation

**There is one book required for this course that will cost $35.  We provide a link in your student account for easy ordering.


You must complete a lesson test after each lesson, and a proctored final exam upon completion of the course. Students must score 80% or higher to pass the course.

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  • This is a required academic term for the Holistic Nutritionist Certification and is also strongly recommended as an add on to the Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification Program. Understanding how the body works is critical to all nutrition and health practitioners.   

  • The following courses are part of the Tier 2 Advanced Online Holistic Nutritionist program

  • Upon completion of the Nutritional Symptomatology & Pathophysiology term, you can download and print a certificate of completion through your student account.  Upon completion of all the required courses in the Teir 2 Holistic Nutritionist program (n combination with Tier 1), you will receive an official designation and stamped diploma in the mail.   Grads of the full program qualify for registration status and professional membership and liability insurance through various organizations including CAIN, NANP and CEBHC.

  • How long is this Term 6?

    You have up to 4 months for completion.

    Can I take this course on its own?

    Nutritional Symptomatology & Pathophysiology is an advanced term that requires a prior certification for entry. Our Holistic Nutrition Coach certification graduates are welcome to take this course as an individual add-on or as part of the tier 2 Advanced Program. If you are a graduate from another school and want to take this course, you may send an email to to inquire about advanced standing and transfer credits.

In Term 6 You Will Learn: 

The etiology of various disease states while learning how to recognize the nutritional and lifestyle factors involved with the disease process.

The body Systems & Disease section will cover body systems in relation to health conditions while breaking down some of the most common conditions including nutritional and lifestyle interventions that can help.  Conditions include autoimmune, anxiety, depression, cancer, candida, diabetes, heart disease, allergies, menopause, Parkinson’s, sinus infection, ADHD, autism, kidney stones, inflammation, stress management and so much more.

We also cover research Principles to help you fully understand the elements of a research article, how to determine the reliability and validity of research designs, where to source reliable information, and how to utilize online library systems. Students will have the opportunity to critically analyze research literature in this field for a research paper assignment within this course.

Method of Curriculum Delivery:

Upon registration, you will receive a user id and password to your student account on our Online Learning Portal.   Your student account is mobile responsive allowing you to study on the go from anywhere in the world!

  • All testing is conveniently submitted online
  • You have access to a global community of classmates via the online forums and live chat rooms

You can learn more about what to expect from online learning in our Prospective Students resource area.

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