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We are so happy you are here and excited to tell you more about us.

At the NutraPhoria School of Holistic Nutrition, we come to work every day with a clear intention to be the best humans we can possibly be.   We are here for you.   To serve, educate, inspire, motivate, and elevate our student body so you can pay it forward into the world.  It is a beautiful thing!


While we are based out of beautiful Vancouver BC with a student support office in Toronto ON; our reputation for graduating industry leaders brings us hundreds of talented virtual students from all over Canada, the United States, and 28 other countries and counting.


Many years ago our founders recognized a need in the industry.  They knew first hand the frustrations they experienced when searching for the type of nutrition school they wanted to go to that included things like business, coaching, food preparation, in addition to the core nutrition components.  A flexible, comprehensive program delivered via an online portal in an interactive, user-friendly way that allowed networking and connection with other students.  A program that could fit into any schedule, in any timezone, anywhere in the world.   It simply did not exist.

That was how the Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach certification was born which eventually grew into our full Holistic Nutritionist program.

Word got out fast and before we knew it the popularity of the program exploded resulting in NutraPhoria becoming one of the top Holistic Nutrition Schools in Canada.

Fast forward a few years, and here we are today with a continually growing, vibrant global community of incredible students and graduates doing incredible things.   We absolutely LOVE what we do!

Tools for Success

The school has a very unique and advantageous tiered program structure; offers advanced credit courses for specialization; and teaches a combination of nutrition, coaching, and business to ensure you have all of the tools you need to help you succeed.

Our accredited curriculum is comprehensive and research-driven while being supplemented with results-based training. You can think of some of it as lecture notes straight from the practices of Holistic Nutritionists, Nutrition Coaches, and Naturopaths. Strategies that work, and information you won’t always find in textbooks.

The globally recognized holistic nutrition programs and courses we offer are delivered in a user-friendly, simple to use online platform allowing you to work through your studies on your own schedule, literally from anywhere in the world.  Our Online Learning Portal is responsive allowing you to access your courses with ease from any device.

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Our Philosophy

The NutraPhoria School of Holistic Nutrition encompasses mind/body/spirit philosophies based on an individual’s unique needs and is geared towards anyone who wants to live their best life with vibrancy and positivity. Life can be challenging at times, it brings us both good and bad experiences but how you react to those challenges is what defines you. You are responsible for your life, your health, your happiness, and yes…your career.

Nutrition is one part of the equation: attitude, lifestyle, and spirit are other key components. You must focus on all of the parts to heal the whole.  Embracing all components is the ultimate in health empowerment.

We have an awesome team who contribute to our quality programs, help support our clients, & students and are passionate about health, helping others and living an authentic, beautiful life.

Nothing can make you feel more powerful than following your passion, investing time & energy into reaching a goal, and manifesting a dream.

You Are Meant To Be Here

You did not happen upon us by accident. Your desire for better health, to help people, to create a rewarding new career, supplemental income, or whatever it was that had you thinking about nutrition programs is what lead you here in the perfect universal order.

Some of you may be coming from complementary professions looking to add nutrition to your skill-set, some of you may be changing careers entirely and others are re-entering the workforce (whether that be from mat leave, raising kids, or due to injury/illness etc) and are trying to decide what to do next.

Some of you may be motivated simply by the desire to help yourself and your family live healthier lives.

Regardless of what has motivated you to learn more about holistic health and our school; listen to that little voice, and trust that it is leading you in the direction you are meant to go.

Student Life

Have Questions? 

We have tons of answers!  Make sure you take a peek at our Prospective Students resource page which is LOADED with fantastic information to help you with your research and to help determine if this is the right career and school for you.    In there you will also find a handy list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Our admissions staff is also happy to address your questions so please feel free to get in touch via email at admissions@nutraphoria.com or by phone via the numbers listed on our contact page.

If you are a potential student who wants to follow your dream and create a rewarding, successful career, start your journey towards the best life imaginable by enrolling in our Holistic Nutritionist or Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification.

A rule of thumb we like to live by:  don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Meet Our Director

I am excited to share my story with you including how I got here, and what I love about our programs.  Feel free to pop on over to the Director page so we can get to know each other a bit better.

Meet Lynnel

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