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Childhood Nutrition Online Course

CEC / Specialization Course

Learn About the Impact of Nutrients on Growth & Development. Designed to Help Children Thrive.

Despite awareness on the part of parents to growing rates of obesity and inactivity with children, many parents are still confused about what makes for healthy childhood nutrition. What is a healthy intake, and how do we guarantee that the food their eating is nutritionally dense?

After completing the course you will receive a certificate of completion.  Once you complete all required courses in any of our programs, you will receive a professional, officially stamped diploma in the mail listing your designation.

  • Course Hours:  60
  • Credits:  5

Food Matters

6 in 10 Children don’t meet their daily requirement of fruit

9 in 10 Children don’t meet their daily requirement of vegetables

Studies have been consistently shown that children who eat a healthy breakfast and those who have high nutrients status do better in school and report less behavioral problems than their undernourished counterparts.

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Course Details

Concern is rapidly on the rise over the eating habits of our children. This is in part due to the increasing rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, ADHD, over medicated children, and autism in this group; in addition to the awareness of how the health of our youngest generation will drastically impact the future.

Many parents and caregivers find nutrition confusing, and seek information from a wide array of sources – often conflicting. It is critical that the focus on childhood nutrition grows and practitioners have solid expertise in this area.


Duration of Course:

This course should be completed within 6 weeks based on 7-10 hours per week of study time, but you may complete sooner if you have more time available for learning.   You have a maximum of 12 months to complete the full Holistic Nutrition Coach program if you are taking this course as part of the program.

Included in Tuition:

Partial learning materials, study guides, and reference materials

Testing and exams

Full student support

Student account & access to Online Learning Portal

Online forums & live chat rooms to connect with other students

Certificate upon graduation

** One additional book is required for this course.


You must complete a lesson test after each lesson, and a proctored final exam upon completion of the course. Students must score 80% or higher to pass the course.


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  • This course is critical not only for nutrition & health practitioners who work or are planning on working with children, but is also invaluable resource for parents, daycare staff, teachers, foster parents, coaches or children’s sports teams.

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  • Upon completion of the course, you will receive a completion certificate. Upon completion of all the required courses in the Holistic Nutritionist program, you will receive an official designation and beautifully stamped diploma in the mail listing you as a Certified Nutrition & Health Coach Specializing in Childhood Nutrition Grads of the full program qualify for registration status and professional membership and liability insurance through various organizations including CANNP, CAIN, NANP and CEBHC.

  • How long is this course?

    You have 6 weeks to complete the course but may complete sooner if time permits in your schedule.

    Do I need any previous training to take this course?

    We strongly recommend the Holistic Nutrition Coach certification, or at the very minimum, the Fundamentals course prior to enrolling to have a foundation to build on, but if you feel comfortable to jump in at an advanced level due to prior knowledge or experience elsewhere, you are welcome to register.

Topics Covered in This Course Include:

    • Fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K)
    • Essential fats and fats to avoid
    • The gut connection and setting the child up for lifelong good health
    • Milk or no mil, the calcium connection and alternate calcium sources
    • The soy controversy
    • Milk alternatives – comparisons & recommendations
    • Iron needs & sources
    • Iodine, growth, and a healthy thyroid
    • ADHD and the role of brain critical nutrients
    • Drug free solutions for ADHD
    • Preservatives, additives & common reactions, food sensitivities & allergies
    • Nutrients and behaviour management
    • Protein for growth, mood, and immunity
    • The effects of sugar & simple carbohydrates
    • School, food choices, & learning
    • Essential nutrients for supercharged concentration, memory, and IQ
    • Determining if a child is overweight and how is obesity tested in children
    • Causes of childhood obesity and what should be done.
    • Why diets are not the answer for children and what to do instead
    • Weight, diet and activity – making positive, lifelong changes
    • The role of parents and leading by example
    • What day of food looks like for each age group; including healthy, kid friendly recipes the whole family will love



Method of Course Delivery:

Upon registration you will receive a user id and password to your student account on our Online Learning Portal.   Your student account is mobile responsive allowing you to study on the go from anywhere in the world!

  • All materials for this course materials are in your account ready for viewing online or to download
  • All testing is conveniently submitted online
  • You have access to a global community of classmates via the online forums and live chat rooms

You can learn more about what to expect from online learning in our Prospective Students resource area.

Online Learning Made Easy!

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  • Single Course Enrollment

    Single Course

    Optimal Nutrition for Healthy Kids

  • Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification Specializing in Childhood Nutrition

    This program package covers the following:

    Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach Certification

    • Fundamentals of Integrative Nutrition
    • Principals of Holistic Health & Nutritional Medicine
    • Nutrition Sciences
    • Meal Planning & Coaching Skils
    • Business Blueprint

    Optimal Nutrition for Healthy Kids


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