Natural Ways to Manage Depression

February 25, 2021

Depression is a subject that is not easily talked about.  It is however a subject in which I can closely relate and one of the reasons I decided to become a Health and Wellness Coach. It is my goal to help others heal depression through natural treatment methods.

Many people suffer from depression at some point in their lives and there can be many factors that contribute to it. It is a disorder that includes biochemical, emotional and perceptual problems. There is not a one size fits all cause for those who suffer from depression, therefore there is not a one size fits all treatment. It is always best to speak to a medical professional prior to starting any treatment program. With the help of a medical doctor who focused on natural treatments, I was able to manage and heal my depression. Below are the 5 natural methods of treatment that I incorporated into my life that helped me heal.

Natural Ways to Manage and Heal Depression

Talk to a Professional

Many times, depression is hidden from family and friends as it can be accompanied by feelings of guilt, weakness or embarrassment, feelings of not being enough, or you don’t want to burden your loved ones. At my lowest point, I isolated myself from everyone and would spend weeks without leaving the house. This only added to the feelings I had of being alone.  After speaking with my therapist, she gave me the tools and strength to open up to my family and friends about my depression. To my surprise, they were all incredibly supportive, never judged me (which was a personal fear of mine) and they were happy that I was seeking treatment. A professional has the knowledge and experience to help guide you. They can be expensive, and an alternative is to find free counselling services through government programs.


Prior to my healing, I never would have imagined my diet was contributing to my depression. Oh my, how mistaken I was. Nutrition plays a “Huge” role in how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally.  Food intolerances and allergies can cause disruption in the body and regular consumption of such foods can affect the immune system, nervous system and digestive system. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause the body to feel sore, tired and lacking energy. Ensuring that the body is receiving the most nutritious diet can help relieve many symptoms of depression. I followed an elimination diet and almost immediately felt so much better physically. I also had allergy testing done which identified some food allergies I had no idea existed. I became so excited that I finally felt better that cooking nutritious meals became a passion for me and for the first time I was happy about leaving the house for my trips to the grocery store. As a bonus I lost the few extra pounds I was carrying.


We all know that exercise is good for us. It helps prevent disease, cleanses the body of toxins from the blood, and increases our feel-good endorphins which in turn increases our energy. With depression, it can be extremely hard to start an exercise regimen. (I dreaded the thought of exercise as I just didn’t have the energy). If this is the case, start small. Walk up and down a set of stairs for 5 to 10 minutes or walk briskly around the house (I walked around the outside of my house a few times which gave me some much-needed fresh air and a daily dose of Vitamin D. Over time you will be able to extend the length of time. Once I started feeling better, I joined every exercise class I could think of (not all at once of course). I found what exercise programs/ classes I enjoyed and those I didn’t. Those I enjoyed were easy to continue attending.

Internal Self-Care (Meditation)

This is a really good tool for those with anxiety that can be associated with depression. The practice of meditation is fairly easy once you get into it and can be done in your home and at any time of day or night. It quiets the mind and helps us think more positively. I used guided meditations on you-tube to start but nowadays there are endless apps you can download on your phone or if you are able to leave the house many cities have meditation groups you can attend. Massage is also another self-care practice but personally, it was not budget-friendly for me.

External Self Care

We have all heard the term beauty come from within and I do honestly believe this. However, it does the self-esteem good when you feel good on the outside too. Feeling good on the outside can help us feel better on the inside. Get your nails or hair done (or do it yourself), put on a nice outfit (even if you are just staying home). I would spend days sometimes weeks in my pyjamas or sweatpants. On the days I had the energy to do my hair and put on what I call my “going out clothes” (for me that consisted of basic jeans and a t-shirt) I felt 10 times better about myself and it helped raise my self-esteem.

Depression is not easy to overcome and as I was writing this, it reminded me of where I was at my lowest point and how long it took me to feel 100% again. But there is hope and it is possible to heal depression without the use of synthetic medications. What has worked for me, may not be best for the next person but having the right tools and support are worth it. I encourage anyone suffering from depression to speak to a health care professional and develop a treatment plan that works for them.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built, just as healing depression won’t happen overnight, but it will heal”.

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