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Evangelia – Montreal, Canada

“I really enjoyed the nutrition courses at NutraPhoria and highly recommend them! The staff was always very helpful and understanding.

I have learned so much about nutrition and I am excited to begin my journey as a Holistic Nutrition Coach and help others.

Thank you NutraPhoria for providing me with the education and tools to begin my career. The information provided can change your life in so many levels; its also easy to understand and follow. It has helped me live a healthier lifestyle. Thank you SO much!”

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As a mom of 4, who works part-time, I need something well structured, organized and user-friendly.   This is an amazing school that gives me just that.   I transferred from another Canadian school mid-program because I was so unhappy with their lack of support and how the program was organized.   I wish I found this one first because it is so well put together with an easy flow.    I am 3/4 of the way through right now &  student support has been impressive, and I feel like I am part of a community here.   Thanks for such a great experience.   



Melissa – New Brunswick
Barbara Godoi Nutraphoria

Barbara Godoi

“I had an amazing experience this course, was great and interesting program to learn and develop skills. I really recommend this program to anyone looking to learn about nutrition.”


This training is worth way more than I paid.  As a physician, I received very little nutrition specific training in school.   It is critical to my practice to incorporate an integrative approach to healing – it’s quite remarkable the difference this makes in patient outcomes.   This is a worthwhile program for all medical professionals.

Sarah – New York

Lori Seeley

“When I started looking into different Nutrition online classes the one thing that set the NutraPhoria School of Holistic Nutrition apart from any other program was the meal planning module. I really think that is an important component to learn at the end of your studies.

I enjoyed this program very much. It opened an entire new door to what I thought I already knew.

I had worked as a lifestyle coach but never had proper training and knowledge to teach my past customers. You can give people a fitness program, but without the proper knowledge of nutrition that is the key to weight loss success and I am excited to share that with my past and future customers.”


“This program has changed my life and my career.  I cant express how grateful I am that I fell across this school and took this step. The business portion is a saving grace – I have no technical ability but yet have online programs for my clients AND a downloadable products that make money all hours of the day. Thank you!”

Bill RMT – Toronto
Kimberly Davies

Kimberly Davies

“What a great start to the program!  I was pretty sure this was my path, but upon completion of the first course, I’m hooked!  I feel empowered to learn more so I can pass along my newfound knowledge to others.

Thank you for helping me kickstart my new journey!”


I am 8 months into the Holistic Nutritionist program and am so giddy with both the curriculum and the staff that I didn’t want to wait until the end to tell people how amazing this program is.    Without realizing, I myself am the first person I helped!   In these short months since I started my life has changed in ways I never expected. I always thought I was living a ‘healthy’ life but as it turns out I had a long way to go.   Those around me have witnessed my transformation and I am already being asked for consults.   I cannot wait to finish and start sharing all that I am learning!   I am so thankful for this school.

Jessica – Brisbane

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