5 Ways To Start Making Healthy Choices

May 1, 2019

I have always known that sugar is “bad” for you but never really understood why. After reading a lot more about nutrition and that we are literally “what we eat” I have decided to take small steps into my daily routine that has helped me make healthier choices by eliminating most processed sugars.

5 Ways To Start Making Healthy Choices

Pay Attention To Your Body 

I started realizing after lunch and dinner I would feel really tired, sluggish, and I had days that I even felt depressed and sad. I would always blame it on stress at work but I never would have thought it would be because of that chocolate bar or glazed donuts I ate after the full course meal. It is important to recognize that fatigue and depression can actually be signs of sugar “rushes”; just as anxiety and irritability could be signs of sugar withdrawal. Once you recognize how you are truly feeling, it will allow you to start making the change.

It is also equally important when you are feeling hungry, especially if you are like me and have a high pace job that sitting down to eat isn’t always really realistic. Don’t skip hunger! If you are not able to sit down and pause, grab a yogurt w/ chia seeds, an apple, veggies and dip, something that can nourish your body and give you some time before you go onto your break.

Meal Prep

Preparing my meals the night before really helped me stay focused on the goal, eating healthy and nutritious foods, rather than the sugary snacks with so-called “empty” calories.  I have actually realized that on the days I didn’t prep lunch, I would find myself rushing around in nearby restaurants or fast food places and grabbing anything on the go (aka processed and filled with sugar). So take those extra 20 minutes the night before to prep some cut up veggies, prep maybe some chicken, take an apple, a yogurt etc. by the time lunches comes you have your meal right there!

Get Active

I am the type of person that doesn’t feel the greatest at times with my body, so finding me at a gym working out in a public place is very unlikely… but nevertheless I realized I actually really like dancing! Not sure if I can call myself a professional per say, but I have enrolled in some small dance classes that are fun and help me stay active, distracted and sweat off those sugar toxins out of my body. If you are a “sweet tooth” person eliminating sugar completely right away can be very difficult as it is a shock for your body...” what is this an apple? … but we used to always get a donut or a triple chocolate muffin at this time” so staying active with help your burn off those toxins but most importantly it takes your mind off of thinking about sugar and sugary food.

Keep Track Of What You Eat

This helps me tremendously! Writing down on a diary, or make a food chart of what you have eaten either daily/weekly helps you have an idea of your sugar intake. At the end of the week, I go back and take a look at my good and “less good” choices. The good choices, make me happy and help me stay focused for the following week. The “less good” choices, reminded me that next week will have to be better.

Spread The Word

Any type of change can be difficult, so having a friend or a loved one on the same journey can very very helpful and encouraging! I found that my friend would be sending me pictures almost daily of her healthy choices. It has created a very healthy competition between us. Also coming home from work on the “harder” days, I must say it is very nice to have my husband meal prep for both of us for the next day or even to listen to you, motivate you that it will get better.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! So take baby steps, make few changes, one by one and you will see you will be in a much healthier place within a very near future.

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